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Representation on Key Strategic Groups

Opportunities to Represent the Sector

As CO3's membership is made up of leaders from within the third sector we are often asked to provide representatives to important working groups or advisory groups, which are chosen through open selection. To date a range of third sector leaders have benefited by representing CO3 on the following Boards/Committees including:

  • Skills for Care and Development
  • The Reform of Social Work
  • Central Personal Social Services Advisory Committee
  • The NI Post Qualifying Education and Training Partnership for Social Work (NIPQETP), 
  • Confidence in Care Programme 
  • Western Health and Social Services Board Regional Adult Protection Forum
  • Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs). CO3 worked closely with the HSCB to ensure that third sector representatives were recruited on ICPs. We continue to work the HSCB to support our members represented on ICPs.

This list is not exhaustive but provides a clear indication of the opportunities to be represented on a wide range of Strategic Boards/Committees.  

If you would like a representative from the third sector to be on your panel or group please contact CO3.

Consultation with our Members

CO3 has, in the past, run a number of CO3 member consultation events in relation to areas of interest such as the Review of Public Administration, the Reform on Health and Social Care and the introduction of the new Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

If you would like to consult with CO3 members on an issue, please contact CO3.

CO3 and Government

The home of the third sector is within DSD and CO3 wishes to see DSD champion the role of the third sector and its contribution to civil society. CO3 endeavours at all times to support DSD in building a strong and vibrant Third Sector by helping to develop strong leadership in the sector. 

The Voice of CO3

In 2010 CO3 commissioned a piece of research to consider its future public affairs' role and the report of this work was presented at the CO3 AGM in March 2010. The following approach was proposed:

third sector leadership is 'political' and requires a degree of political engagement in order to lead a third sector organisation. CO3 will not adopt a policy and public affairs team nor undertake the public affairs work of its members.

CO3 will mobilise its members to promote the sector and help members to establish a role in influencing and developing policy at the formative stages.

There was sufficient interest amongst members who wanted to adopt some collective public affairs work on a small number of distinctive and common issues, which third sector leaders in Northern Ireland would determine. CO3 would coordinate the voice of its members on these key issues. Members were also mindful that leadership in this sector is 'political' and CO3 can assist skills development through this collective work.

The summary report of the Public Affairs Research is available here.

Issue of third sector CEO pay

In May 2014 the Belfast Telegraph published an article addressing the salaries of third sector CEOs. This created controversy and CO3 was asked to provide a response representing the voice of the third sector. 

We were ready when the request was received and had already prepared our members through themed events in months prior to the issue being raised in the local media. We were able to provide a timely, informed and impactful response to the Belfast Telegraph and the wider Northern Ireland public.

Click here to access the article online.

Click here to download a PDF version of CO3's response.  

For further information please contact CO3 on 028 9024 5356 or send an email to info@co3.bz.