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Project Summary

This Big Lottery funded project is a partnership between CO3 and ACOSVO. It aims to help organisations assess their capacity by analysing their operations against four core capacity areas through an online diagnostic health check tool with additional ongoing support throughout the process.  50 organisations in Scotland and 50 in Northern Ireland are accessing this free support over a three-year period, starting in April 2016.


Project Information

How can third sector organisations improve social impact, become more resilient, and maintain sustainability in good times and bad?

Path to Impact uses an online diagnostic health check tool, called the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT), to allow organisations to analyse where they stand in relation to four core capacity areas:

  • Adaptive capacity
  • Leadership capacity
  • Management capacity and
  • Technical capacity

On completion of the CCAT assessment each organisation is presented with a report to help their organisation to determine its strengths and challenges.  For an example of the report, see here.

The CCAT is a 146-question online survey that measures an organisation's effectiveness in relation to four core capacities and should be completed by all senior leaders of an organisation as well as one or two board members.

The tool is best used as a starting place for conducting a fuller inventory of the organisation's strengths and challenges, as it provides insights which help focus deeper assessment activities on the capacity areas that are mission critical, rather than getting caught up in the "crises of the day." 

A key element of the project is the opportunity to access consultancy support to help analyse the report findings and develop a programme of support for your organisation. One to one support is available as a key element of the project to help you to prioritise your areas of focus. 

As part of the Path to Impact process 18 months after completion, the participating organisations will retake the CCAT assessment to help to assess the change achieved during that period. 


There are three overarching outcomes that we aspire to achieve through the project:

  • Build a resilient, high-impact, third sector by identifying specific capacity needs through a comprehensive online assessment and responding with an appropriately tailored programme of support.
  • Create a more sustainable third sector through an evidence based approach that will enable organisations to assess their current capacity and develop a more sustainable business model and approach.
  • Enable grant makers to prioritise the emerging capacity needs of the sector, thus responding with value-adding change, to build a resilient, strong and vibrant third sector.

In parallel to the CCAT assessments we will also be completing a research report, which will compare and contrast the capacity needs and strengths between Scotland and Northern Ireland, the research report will be launched at a conference held at the end of the three year project. 


We will be running a number of Learning Exchanges through-out the project for the participants to share their experiences with each other, and any interested parties.

If you would like to hear more about these Learning Exchanges, or have any questions about the Path to Impact Project, please contact Louise Cahoon.