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Ode to Leadership by Nuala McKeever

 Ode to Leadership by Nuala McKeever

With less than a week to go until the big night, we asked this year's compère, Nuala McKeever, to say a few words about the Leadership Awards 2016.

Ode to Leadership

by Nuala McKeever

CO3 is Carbon Trioxide.  I looked it up.  It breaks down into Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen – essentially what we breathe in and what we breathe out.

How fitting for the organisation CO3.
You, the leaders in the Third Sector, are the people who take in the issues, the challenges and the difficulties of life for many people in our society. Then you give out opportunities, insight and hope.
You are the transformers. And this year’s award ceremony on 25 February is an acknowledgement and celebration of your vital role in the world we all share. You make a difference. We want to tell you that. Sometimes it’s good to take a telling!
I look forward to seeing you all for a wonderful evening of fun and inspiration! I can’t wait and I’m not even up for an award!

Nuala McKeever

For more information about the Leadership Awards 2016 please click here.