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Inspiring Leaders IV: Effective Personal Leadership

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CO3 is pleased to present year 4 of the Inspiring Leaders’ Programme funded by the Lloyds TSB Foundation. The Inspiring Leaders’ Programme is presented over four days to chief officers and directors of organisations in the voluntary and community sector. In face of the financial pressures on the sector every effort has been made this year to present excellent value for money in the programme. Tight budgetary control has enabled us to maintain the same cost as last year. We are delighted with the calibre of contributors, who include Jenny Pyper, Deputy Secretary, Department for Social Development; Irene Hewitt who delivered last year’s programme so successfully; Richard O’Rawe of Stellar Leadership and, social media experts from East Belfast Enterprise Agency who will be joined by special guest Eamonn Maillie.

A distinctive feature of the Programme is the provision of a safe space in which chief officers and directors can share and exchange experiences and issues in complete confidence. The Programme also provides the opportunity for participating leaders to learn not only from each others’ experiences but from experts in the field and, in doing so, become part of an Inspiring Leaders network which will help sustain and add value to the third sector in Northern Ireland.

The content and objectives of the Programme are relevant to the needs of leaders of large, medium or small organisations in the sector. CO3’s acclaimed publication ‘Excelling as Chief Officers – A Framework for Leadership Excellence in the Third Sector’ provides the platform for the Programme.

This year’s focus is effective personal leadership – therefore ‘Leading from Within’, the core competency at the heart of the Framework model, will be highlighted throughout the 4 days. Personal leadership behaviours and performance will also be assessed in relation to the other competencies, emphasising skills in governance, organisational analysis, problem-solving, networking, social media and presentation. By the end of four days, participants will know just how effective they can be as leaders and where they might need to consider behaving differently towards others or towards themselves if they are to continue to inspire. The programme will be of particular benefit to recently appointed directors, directors seeking more personal insights into effective leadership and to those who are experiencing difficult challenges and issues in work at this time.

Click here to view the Inspiring Leaders IV programme.

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