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CO3 Sensemaker Project

CO3 Sensemaker Project

2011-2012 will be a defining year for the Third Sector in Northern Ireland. CO3 members will face significant challenges and opportunities. CO3 has two primary goals:

  1. Supporting members to have impact in their area of work
  2. Helping leaders to shape the wider policy environment which impacts on the way they develop the sector

To achieve both of these, CO3 want to hear from members their real experience of leading in the sector in 2011-12. This “intelligence” will enable CO3 and contributing members to deepen their understanding of the issues through knowledge transfer and design effective interventions.   It will inform CO3’s future role and priorities and be useful to policy makers, funders and for the sector itself in planning strategy.


Visit the CO3 Sensemaker site, here you are asked to describe a current leadership experience and then to self interpret it against a number of triangles.  Your response is confidential and untraceable.  You are asked to complete some general demographics at the end. This will enable a comprehensive analysis which will give greater meaning to the findings.


CO3 would like every CO3 member to contribute to this initiative. This will provide a fully representative picture of current realities.  Every CO3 member will benefit from having access to the Reports as they will show emerging strategic patterns and trends.  This can inform decision making, innovation and future direction of the sector, CO3 and partner organisations.  Stories and experience can be shared to facilitate knowledge transfer and build intelligence across the sector.

You can go back and enter as many different stories as you like, so as you meet a fresh challenge and feel like capturing it at the time please do revisit the site as often as you like. We have over 250 members so ideally we would like to have at least 1 story from every member!

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