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CO3 Interim Recruitment Service

CO3 Interim Recruitment Service

What is the Interim Executive Service?

The Interim Executive Service (IES) provides Third Sector organisations with access to expert, experienced Third Sector Interim Executives both as a support to Chief Officers in times of need and also to support an organisation when there is a temporary gap in leadership. The Interim Executive Service also offers Senior Management support on a temporary basis. 

Who sits on the CO3 Interim Executive Panel?

We have developed a panel of Interim Executives, who have the expertise and experience to support your organisation. Each member of our Executive Interim Panel has undergone a rigorous recruitment process.The selection process involves:

  • Holding the relevant level of Senior Management experience (Director/Chief Executive level).
  • Successful completion of the CO3 Transitional Leadership Programme (candidates are assessed during the course).
  • Three relevant, detailed and satisfactory references.

The CO3 Executive Panel have a diverse range of skills and experience of working within the Third Sector. Typically our panel members have previously worked as Third Sector Chief Executive’s for a number of years and/or have experience of crisis management and interim placements.  Our recruitment process ensures that we have a highly skilled pool of candidates to support a range of Third Sector organisations. The focus tends to be on creating stability, providing effective leadership and promoting good management.

Why and when would you utilised the CO3 Interim Executive Panel?

Organisations typically choose Interim Executives either to fill roles that are temporary or to fill critical staffing gaps when the Chief Executive or a senior Director leaves. Interim Executives differ from consultants as they have a more ‘hands on’ approach.

When to access the service?

  • Temporary gap in leadership.
  • To support a Chief Officer during a change management process, including as part of the Chief Officer induction process.
  • To support a Chief Officer when there is a temporary gap within their Senior Management Team (HR, Financial and Operations Directors).
  • To support the Chief Officer in times of crisis.  
  • Project management.
  • Organisational restructuring including mergers and acquisitions.
  • To support the recruitment of a new Chief Executive.

Do you have to be a CO3 member to access the service?

No, however, we would recommend that, in order to support the leadership development of your Chief Officer and/or Senior Managers they join CO3 to access the wide range of services and benefits on offer to our members. Further information on CO3 member benefits can be accessed here.

How much does the Interim Executive Service cost?

The cost of the Interim Executive Service varies according to each organisation.  Typically, the cost of an Interim Executive may range from £250 to £500 a day. Interims are usually placed with an organisation for two or three days a week. CO3 takes a percentage fee of the placement, paid by the organisation, for a set period of time. The fee is negotiated between the organisation and the Interim Executive. The organisation pays the Interim Executive directly.

Is this service available throughout Northern Ireland?

Yes. The travel costs would be negotiated as part of the daily rate agreed once you have selected
the appropriate Interim Executive.

How soon can an Interim be placed with an organisation?

The nature of the placement usually requires the need to respond quickly, this means the search process relies heavily on the quality of the candidates who we already know, have vetted and easy access to! Placements can be turned around in a matter of days.

How long are the Interim placements?

The nature of the placements varies and will be tailored to suit your particular needs. Interims are usually placed with an organisation for two or three days a week.  The timeframe typically ranges from three months and anywhere up to a year. Interims may also be placed one day a month over a longer period.  The nature of the assignment will dictate the length of the placement. 

Do we get the opportunity to interview the Interim Executives?

Yes! The selection process involves CO3 sending you through the CVs of the Interim Executives.  You have the opportunity to meet with all of those who you deem appropriate. The meeting may be very informal or formal.

Is there a fee for meeting with the Interims?

No. The fee is negotiated once you select the Interim Executive you feel is most appropriate to suit your needs.

How can I find out more about the Interim Executive Service?

Please contact:
Nora Smith
Chief Executive
Email: nora@co3.bz or tel 028 90 245 356 / 07803 209590

To download the Interim Executive Service brochure please click here : CO3 Interim Executive Service Brochure