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July 2011

Investing Effectively for Charities

Are you making the best use of the money that you have?

Are you complying with charity and company law in how you choose your investments?

Are you unknowingly investing in arms manufacturers in a military dictatorship employing slave labour? This important CO3 training session for chief officers will help you to assess whether the approach your charity is taking to investing its precious cash is legal, moral and effective in maximizing its returns.

CO3 Sensemaker Project

2011-2012 will be a defining year for the Third Sector in Northern Ireland. CO3 members will face significant challenges and opportunities. CO3 has two primary goals:

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As part of CO3’s commitment to succession planning, CO3 is facilitating an action learning network for members of Senior Management Teams (SMT). Last year we ran a pilot SMT group when CO3 brought together a group of senior managers together with an expert facilitator, Roger Courtney, to manage the sessions.  The pilot programme was extremely successful as testified by some of the feedback we received:

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About the Event: John Cook, who sets the forward news schedule for UTV Live, joins CO3 members to give an insider’s perspective on the News Cycle, News Decisions and how third sector leaders can impact on this cycle to have sector stories aired. With case studies and unrivalled insight into how a leading news programme is put together, this will be a comprehensive briefing session to help you think about how you can lead more effective public relations in your organisation.

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Do you have a senior manager whom you feel would benefit from participating in a Senior Management Team Network as part of their development? If so then please pass this info along to them!