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Interview Preparation Service

Given CO3’s experience in executive recruitment we are now offering a tailored one-to-one interview preparation service.  It will provide you with the confidence and clarity you need to achieve a successful outcome!

The most important step to securing a job is being prepared for the interview.  Interviewing is a skill; as with all skills, preparation and practice enhance the quality of that skill. Preparation can make the difference between getting an offer and getting rejected.

The service has been designed to support Chief Executives and Senior Managers.  There is no one “best” way to prepare for an interview. Rather, there are specific and important strategies to enhance your chances for interview success.  Therefore the service will be tailored to suit your particular circumstances.  We offer a series of one-to-one coaching sessions which will help you consider the typical and targeted interview questions. 

Our one-to-one interview coaching sessions are conducted face-to-face.  Each session lasts up to two hours.  You have the option of booking a single session or a series of sessions.*


The coaching service includes:

  • A forensic review of the Job Description and Personal Specification to consider the types of questions that you may be asked. 
  • Support to help you to structure and personalise answers to common interview questions
  • Helpful tips to deal with a wide range of competency-based interview questions
  • Acquire techniques designed to optimise your score in competency-based interviews
  • Advice to ensure that  you add value through all your interview answers
  • Plenty of practice, including a mock interview
  • Personal feedback and discussion of constructive approaches to improve your performance
  • An evaluation of your CV, body language and common interview pitfalls


For further information on this service, please contact our Member Service Manager, Suzanne Courtney, suzanne@co3.bz