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Xchange Summer School 2015 Day One

Xchange Summer School 2015 Day One
Thursday, June 11, 2015 - 09:00 to 17:00
Main programme in Magee Campus, University of Ulster, Derry-Londonderry

There has never been a more challenging time for the Third Sector in Northern Ireland.
To get through it we will have to show bravery, take decisive action, be willing to change, celebrate diversity and yes, think the
This is a unique opportunity to generate new ideas and thinking; to engage and be challenged by a diverse range of people, to
get your voice heard, to share difficult issues and to emerge stronger, refreshed and renewed.

We have assembled a range of extraordinary speakers who have one thing in common: they have shown great bravery in the face
of difficult challenges. And some have come up with solutions others previously considered unthinkable.

As part of the event participants will have the opportunity to pitch for one of three funding grants up to a maximum of
£10, 000 each that will arise from an idea generated as part of the conversation from the event. To qualify you must attend and
the project has to be aligned with the conference theme.

Joining us among many others will be:
Marina Prentoulis a member of the Greek Syriza party which is now in power and challenging the austerity agenda.
Jo Berry, Founder of Building Bridges for Peace, whose father was killed in the Brighton bomb
Ann Travers whose sister was shot dead by the IRA Patrick Magee who was convicted of the Brighton bombing
Nigel Owens the Welsh rugby referee will talk about the challenges he has overcome as a gay referee in the macho world
of rugby union.
To ensure maximum engagement and participation places are strictly limited so early booking is strongly advised.

For booking please click here or book directly with Rachel@co3.bz

To attend the FULL summer school - £50 

To attend Thursday all day only - £30

To attend Friday only - £20

Accomodation at Magee campus - £35

To download the full programme, please click here - please see further information at  Xchangeni.org