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Steering Through Chaos

Wednesday, February 5, 2020 - 08:30 to 10:00
CO3, 31 Bruce Street, Belfast BT2 7JD

CO3 has partnered with The Renaissance Forum to facilitate a discussion on Steering Through Chaos.  The challenges of being in a leadership role can at times feel both heavy and isolating.  Therefore through this workshop we provide leaders with the space to reflect on how best to respond to leadership pressures.


The focus of the discussion will be a selection of short extracts taken from the writings of a diverse range of influential thinkers of the last two millennia.


The short forums are each facilitated by trained moderators whose job it is to stimulate and guide discussion.  However, unlike lectures or seminars, it is not the role of moderators to teach or to promote any particular view; rather, it is the discussion process itself that will develop the views of each participant.


More information about The Renaissance Forum can be found on the charity’s website at www.therenaissanceforum.org.



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