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Reverse Mentoring Series

Thursday, April 2, 2020 - 10:00 to 11:30
CO3 Offices, 31 Bruce Street, Belfast, BT2 7JD

CO3 is delighted to announce a new Reverse Mentoring Programme for the third sector in Northern Ireland. 


Building tomorrow’s leaders through our leadership, development and support is a big part of what we do at CO3. We believe that the Reverse Mentoring Programme offers an innovative way to do just that.

We are asking you to tip your leadership upside down through pairing your Senior Management team with your junior members of staff. 

In addition to embarking on this internal leadership journey you get an opportunity to share your insights and experiences with a range of external peers from the other organisations involved.

Why reverse mentoring?

Like all good ideas, reverse mentoring is a simple concept. Turning the traditional mentoring model on its head, experienced senior leaders are mentored by members of staff from either a younger generation, background or experience within your organisation.

While many schemes often focus on generational issues, such as differing understanding of technology and emerging social, political, environmental and business trends, reverse mentoring also helps organisations support the growth of emerging leaders and can help break through unconscious bias, reduce discrimination and positively improve workplace diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity and age.

Its principles of “upward” mentoring and listening “down” are applicable to a variety of issues and challenges. Moreover, it can be implemented in any organisation, large or small.

The added benefit of the CO3 programme is that you get to share your learning with your peers from the other organisations involved in the programme.

How it will work?

  • An information session outlining the details and the commitment involved will be held on Friday 31 January 2020 from 10.00am – 11.30am
  • Expressions of interest to be returned to CO3 via email by Friday 14 February 2020
  • Organisations selected by Friday 21 February 2020
  • A one-to-one with each organisation explaining the commitment and the details of the programme is being offered week commencing 24 February 2020
  • Mentor and Mentee forms are issued and completed by Friday 13 March 2020. Selection is made by week commencing 16 March 2020
  • Kick-off Workshop for Mentors and Mentees on Thursday 2 April 2020

The Benefits

The benefits to the organisation are obvious as different generations are brought together, empowering both the emerging and established leaders.

Your reputation is enhanced and employee retention increases.

Your organisation’s culture can be improved, out-of-touch attitudes worked on, senior leaders gain a better understanding of issues at the coal-face and different perspectives often result in new and different ways of working and new business ideas. 

It is a win-win for everyone involved – mentor, mentee and organisation.

Through the launch of our new programme we want to grow the next generation of leaders and support an empowering organisation culture that recognises that leadership exists at every level within their organisation. 

It is our ambition to work with up to 15 organisations over a 12-month period, selecting a maximum of 20 Mentee/Mentor relationships to experience this new programme offer through our support and guidance. 

Programme Costs

The cost of the programme is £1895 per mentoring relationship.

To book your place on our information session please click here