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Leadership Exchange Cross-sectoral Action Learning Groups

Wednesday, January 26, 2022 - 10:00 to Wednesday, April 27, 2022 - 12:00

CO3, the  Chief Executives’ Forum and Grant Thornton are delighted to announce open once again the extremely successful cross-sectoral leadership exchange programme. The four-month initiative brings together a  range of senior leaders from the third sector and the public sector to learn from one another, through a series of Action Learning Groups. 

It is aimed specifically at Third Sector Chief  Executives, Local Government  Chief Executives, NI Senior Civil Service and Public Sector Leaders, acknowledging that these leaders must work in partnership to deliver for Northern Ireland.

A vital element of effective partnership working involves building and sustaining effective personal relationships - leaders working with and through others to deliver. This highly immersive learning experience will provide a platform to access a wider range of views and expertise outside of each leader’s respective areas of work.

The Action Learning Groups will run as four 2-hour virtual sessions, facilitated by Patrick Gallen and  Anne Phillipson from Grant Thornton, experienced Management and Learning Consultants.  They will create a reflective and safe space for participants to share, learn, and stretch their leadership perspective beyond their normal confines.

What will I gain?

• Strengthening links between sectors, which will, in turn, encourage and develop opportunities for collaboration.

• Improving your knowledge and awareness of working in the different sectors (the processes,  the benefits and the challenges).

• Providing an opportunity to share corporate learning, leadership skills and bring a fresh perspective to work practices.

• Offering an exclusive opportunity for robust interactions and the opportunity to walk ‘a mile in my shoes’  of leaders outside of your sector.

• Reflecting and learning from each other’s attempts to change things and the experience of coaching each other hones their skills of listening,  coaching,  giving feedback and facilitating.

Download the 2022 Programme here!

Please ensure that in applying to this programme you can attend the four Action Learning Groups and Debrief Session:

• Session 1 26 January  2022 - 10am - 12pm

• Session 2 25 February  2022  - 10am - 12pm

• Session 3 25 March 2022  - 10am - 12pm

• Session 4 27  April  2022  - 10am - 12pm

• Debrief session – date to be confirmed.

How the programme works:

Four Action Learning Groups will be independently facilitated by a Grant Thornton coach who will be committed to the success of the group members and each session will operate under the Chatham House Rule. In each meeting, no topic is off-limits. Individuals must be willing to talk candidly about the tough decisions they face.

Fellow members will listen, ask tough questions and bring their skills to help individuals grow as a leader and therefore improve the workings of their organisation. Leaders will gain perspective, good advice and develop a definitive action plan at each meeting and in follow up meetings other members will ask how their plans are developing, making leaders accountable for their progress. Additionally, a range of inspiring leaders will share their leadership journey to date at the start of the Action Learning Sets.

The programme process:

1. Expressions of interest open for submission on 29 November 2021

2. Deadline for expressions of interest to close on 11 January 2022

3. Leaders will be selected from a diverse range of complementary organisations, whilst ensuring a balance of status, responsibility and experience.

4. Participation in four Action Learning Groups over a four-month period.

5. Evaluation - each participant’s outcomes and experiences will be evaluated by a mixture of online surveys, face-to-face interviews and case studies. All feedback will be anonymised.

Selection process/eligibility

Up to 20 leaders (ten from each sector) will be selected through a brief expression of interest process, creating the Cross-Sectorial Action Learning Groups. Leaders will be selected from a diverse range of complementary organisations, whilst ensuring a balance of status, responsibility and experience.

This programme is aimed specifically at Third Sector Chief Executives, Local Government and ALB Chief Executives, members of the NI Senior Civil Service. We anticipate a high volume of interest in the programme.

The application submission deadline is Tuesday 11 January 2022.

Cost and how to register your interest:

The cost to participate in this programme is £495 + VAT per person. If you would like further information on the programme, please contact suzanne@co3.bz.

To register your interest, please supply your name, position, organisation, and a brief outline of your role and why you are interested in this programme (max 70 words) to: suzanne@co3.bz.