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Inspiring Leadership: Finding Your Purpose

Inspiring Leadership: Finding Your Purpose
Friday, August 12, 2016 - 09:00 to 13:00
Groundwork NI, 63-75 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast, BT15 2GB

Introduction: Is Your Leadership Style Stuck in a Rut?

How do we learn to do our leadership?  In a range of ways: from role models, rising to new work challenges, developing inner resilience to help overcome adversity as well as through formal training and education. How we perform our leadership role is influenced by all these factors, as well as our personal characteristics, values and passions.

Almost all leaders find that some aspects of their role comes naturally: these are energising and comfortable to perform. In contrast almost all leaders find other aspects of their role difficult, uncomfortable, energy draining, and to be avoided if at all possible.

There are turning points in a career when a new situation requires a new leadership response or a different approach. We realise that the leadership style that has worked for us in the past is no longer useful to face the challenges of the future. This insight and self-awareness though does not mean it is easy to evolve and adapt our leadership style.

This workshop is for if you have felt that your leadership performance is no longer getting the  desired response or create the impact you want to make on others.. You may be “caught in your act” – feeling stuck and frustrated. This workshop will help you to develop your repertoire of leadership response and practices so that you feel at your best in your leadership role.

Programme Aim and Design

"Inspiring Leadership: Finding Your Purpose" has been designed to develop your leadership style. The workshop will use fun and improvisation to explore and broaden how you express your leadership.

This is a participative session where you will develop your leadership skills as well as expressing your leadership passion through a range of communication methods. The aim is to help you find your‘best self’ in your leadership. We will use metaphor, story telling and improvisation to explore our leadership scripts and our self limiting beliefs whilst experimenting with different styles and approaches. It will be experiential and enjoyable. 

This workshop will be led by Anne McMurray and Irene Hewitt.

Date:   Friday 12 August 2016
Time:   9.00am - 1.00pm
Venue: Groundwork NI, 63-75 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast, BT15 2GB
Cost:    £89 for CO3 Members, £129 for non members

To register please email sarah@co3.bz or Tel: 028 90 245 356.

Meet the Facilitators

Anne McMurray is an independent organisational development consultant, specialising in leadership and team development, strategy formulation and change implementation.  She combines a focus on the people side of organisations with the realities of sustaining performance in a complex and changing world. Her company specialises in strategic leadership and team development.  Their work is based on best practice research and provides customised designs for organisations. The purpose is to strengthen the quality of leadership at all levels so that organisations are successful, are positive places for people to work and develop in and that they create value for society.


Irene Hewitt works as an independent consultant specialising in leadership and organisation development. She has led organisation-wide development initiatives, supporting the recent (and on-going) set up of new health and social care organisations and the management of major change. She is an experienced facilitator of team development, working with a variety of teams including those at Board level. Irene is passionate about the development of individual leaders and has designed and led various leadership development programmes. She was responsible for the implementation of the Professional Leadership Development Programme in health and social care in 2008. As an experienced coach she works with individuals to manage their specific issues, whether relating to career coaching, lifestyle or performance.