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Bully for You! The Implications of Workplace Bullying for Third Sector Leaders

Workplace Bullying
Thursday, September 18, 2014 - 07:30 to 08:45
thinkPeople Offices, 12th Floor, Causeway Tower, 9 James St South, Belfast

We are at an interesting stage in how bullying at work is being tackled. We now have a raft of policies, procedures and advice on bullying and harassment however, it continues to provide many challenges for Third Sector leaders and their organisations.

The workshop provides us with expert advice and an opportunity to share our experiences and insights into this delicate area.

Workplace Bullying

Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) recently stated that ‘There’s a fine line between reasonable management control and bullying, and it’s a line that’s often unclear…Whilst some Chief Executives/Managers believe they are being ‘firm’ when they are bullying. Others worry about tackling underperformers and then being accused of bullying.’

The workshop provides us with expert advice and an opportunity to share our experiences and insights into this delicate area. In addition, it considers workplace bullying in the context of individual dignity and the practice of values-based leadership.

Format of the Event

During this short information session, guest speakers Emer Hinphey, Managing Partner thinkPeople Consulting and John Devitt, Head of Sales & Marketing, Ecclessiastical insurance, will talk us through some of the contributors to bullying and harassment in the workplace, and advise us as employers on how best to handle it.

Topics Covered

  • What is bullying or harassment?
  • Lessons learnt
  • Blurred lines – leading with assertiveness or aggression?
  • What not to do!
  • The personal and business costs
  • Protecting yourself and your workplace from workplace bullying
  • Moving forward (Getting it right) – protecting your organisation and employees.

Meet the Speakers

Emer Hinphey, Managing Partner, thinkPeople Consulting

Emer Hinphey

Emer has over 14 years’ experience within Human Resources, working across a variety of industries and sectors.

Emer has provided support and advice to both small and large organisations. Her approach is to work closely with the organisation in a hands-on way. She has worked with senior teams and executives to support strategic planning and implementation as well as advising on complex or challenging people related issues. She also understands the needs of smaller organisations and has developed strong working relationships with a range of businesses.

John Devitt, Head of Sales & Marketing, Ecclesiastical Insurance

John Devitt

Ecclesiastical is Ireland’s leading specialist insurance company serving the education, faith, heritage and charity sectors, providing insurance and services for those who care about their communities and the environment in which they live and work.

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Cost: Free for CO3 members