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Community Health and Development Network ( CDHN)

The Link  Newtownards and Boots Ards Shopping Centre
Background   The pharmacist  worked with MARC staff from The Link, to engage clients in a 14-18 session programme building on their previous involvement with BCPP.  The programme sought to equip participants with the knowledge of how to assess their own and their family's situation and allow them to make positive changes to their overall wellbeing.  Aware Defeat Depression, Dieticians, Cookery tutors etc. were included in the sessions and help build on the support network around the group.
Useful Links made were with Aware Defeat Depression, Ambulance Service, Cookery Tutors are some of the links made with the group.  The people engaged were drug and alcohol workers, people with poor mental health, people with addictions, people with drug and alcohol dependence and street drinkers.
Outcomes   The project worked with very vulnerable people who can be difficult to engage with. The aim of the programme was to equip the client group and staff of the MARC project at The Link to consider and actively move towards  healthier lifestyle choices for themselves and their families.  From the start of the programme a good impact was made with strong relationships built between the group and the Pharmacist.  Personal development of service users increased, with many of the group now getting out and about on their own and able to do things for themselves. They are taking part in activities that divert them from their drinking while becoming more knowledgeable and confident about tackling their own health concerns and feel they have a voice to be heard.
Over the course of the project the Pharmacist saw increased levels of motivation in the group to change their lifestyle. By the end of the programme the Pharmacist is now more aware of local issues and health priorities in compromised groups resulting in her becoming involved with Integrated Care Partnerships as a lead clinical Pharmacist for Ards to improve local services.
South Eastern Trust
Level 2 - £10K Grant
  MDM rank NINIS                10
Income deprived                    8
Employment deprived             7
 We do not currently hold the SROI but hope to interrogate our date in the near future in this regard.

Breakthur  Dungannon and Boots Pharmacy 
Background  Breakthru is an organisation that works with young people who have drug and alcohol problems. Over the years they have expanded their work to involve the wider community and provide education, intervention and prevention training.  They have now completed four projects with BCPP. In this programme they targeted two groups, a group of ten women and an older group who were identified through Breakthru's counselling programme.  The pharmacist led on most of the sessions and co-facilitated others.  The programme was delivered through a combination of information sessions, 1-1 intervention and training sessions for Breakthru staff and pharmacist.
Useful links made were made with AMH, Action Cancer, U3A and South West College .  These Organisations worked with, families, mothers, older people, women and young people.
Outcomes 83% of participants now feel they have things in common with others while all participants agreed that they now feel more confident about going to the pharmacy for help.  It must therefore follow that this could result in a reduction of demand for acute services in some instances.  This was a participant led programme with all topics at the sessions decided by the group leading to relaxed and open discussions. At times sessions became very vocal which could be challenging however, it allowed for expanding and elaborating on the information contained within the presentations. There was a strong emphasis on promoting good mental health and the variety of ways to build support mechanisms into everyday life. The group was impressed by the breadth of knowledge of the pharmacist and agreed that they would ask her for advice. At the end of the programme a Health Fair/Open Day was held in order to promote other services available within the area.  
This was a very successful project with an excellent working relationship between Breakthru and the Pharmacist.  There was a good mix of learning aids from practical activities to presentations.
Southern Trust
Level 2 - £10K Grant 
 MDM rank NINIS                8
Income deprived                  6
Employment deprived           6
 We do not currently hold the SROI but hope to interrogate our date in the near future in this regard.