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Calls for Help


We encourage our members to share their knowledge and expertise within our wider network.
Your input would be greatly appreciated if you are willing to share any knowledge, previous experiences or documentation in response to any members Calls For Help.

All Calls For Help will be handled confidentially.  Permission will be requested before any contact information is shared at any point throughout the help process.







If you would like to create your own Call for Help, please:

  1. Write a short descriptive paragraph (no more than 150 words) outlining what you would like members' help with, including a title, such as “Templates needed for External Audit Tender”  or “Recommendation for an HR Consultant”
  2. Send your ‘Call for Help’ to nichola@co3.bz with ‘New Call For Help Submission” included in the subject of the email.

We will then email out your Call for Help to CO3 members – all responses will be collated and passed on to you.