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An Economist’s View of the Third Sector

by Richard Ramsey, Chief Economist NI, Ulster Bank

As a former Northern Ireland Civil Service Principal Economist and a current bank Chief Economist, I have become very familiar with the workings of the public sector and private sector economies.

You say it best, when you say nothing at all

by Catherine Kane, Director of Catherine Kane Associates

Listen up Employers! There is no statutory duty to provide an existing or ex-employee with a reference*. In addition, assuming you can substantiate it, you can provide a “negative" reference.

Inspiring Impact NI: Catch up with Housing Rights

We catch up with Jim O'Callaghan, Head of Operations with Housing Rights, as he reflects on how he is finding the Inspiring Impact Programme so far…

1. Why are you committed to Inspiring Impact in your organisation?

We want to ensure that we maximise our impact; use our resources efficiently; report on our successes; and, are accountable to stakeholders.

The Rise of Ethical Investments

by Wayne Nickels, Partner, Investment Management, Cunningham Coates

The difficulties surrounding ethical investing have been brought to the forefront of public perception in recent years.  

Assembly Election 2016; some new faces, but no real change.

by Brendan Mulgrew, Managing Partner, MW Advocate

The votes have now been counted and the 108 MLAs returned to serve the next Assembly term. In reality it is very much a case of ‘as you where’ with the two major parties returned in considerable number.