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Affinity, a poem for George J. Mitchell by Colin Dardis

For listening to all that were gathered,
certain that every voice we have mattered.

For walking the line between North and South,
a land big enough to hold every truth.

For seeing where past and present conjoin,
that we are all the sides of the same coin.

For displaying patience when we had none,
believing in words, instead of the gun,
we thank you.


For your wisdom when we were quick to blame
the other side and add fuel to the flame.

For friendship offered when met with tempers,
a smile tapering fires down to embers.

For telling us a simple principle:
once dreams spark, they’re inextinguishable.

For persistent light when times were darkest,
courage far away, a breakthrough farthest,
we thank you.


For looking forward when others looked back
and doubted themselves, ready to retract.

For staying here, knowing hope could outweigh
the hard moments when life calls you away.

For understanding that true unity
is not us or them, but everybody.

For being the one who took up the pen
and drew ‘ peace ’ across every town and glen,
we thank you.

- Colin Dardis



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