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360 Degree Leadership Performance Appraisal Service

CO3 now offers a 360 Degree Leadership Performance Appraisal service for its members. In addition to providing effective feedback to the CEO, it conveys meaningful information for Trustees to effectively evaluate executive performance. CEO performance and the relationship between the Chief Officer and the Board are critical factors in successful governance and the fulfillment of an organisation’s mission.

360 reviews open up performance appraisals to greater depth and breadth of feedback. This full-circle view of performance provides more insight for coaching and development and ensures more accurate, effective and fair assessments.

Stage 1 Initial meeting 

Initial meeting to discuss the 360 degree leadership appraisal system and approach with the Chief Officer and Chairperson.

Stage 2 Collecting the feedback

We work with the Board or its representative and the Chief Officer to distribute a web-enabled survey to be completed by appropriate individuals from the Chief Officer's circle of influence. Respondents are assured their responses will remain anonymous and that their data will be aggregated with that of several other respondents in the form of average ratings. These safeguards help promote the willingness of respondents to provide balanced feedback, including constructive criticism.

Stage 3 Analysing the results

This involves the first of two interviews occurring 1-2 weeks apart.
In the first session, the aggregated 360 degree performance evaluation data is presented, along with a draft of the interview data summary. An explanation of the structure of the 360 degree feedback report is provided along with materials for analysing the data to aid in the uncovering of key themes and patterns.


Stage 4 One to One Coaching 

The second of the interview stages involves in-depth coaching debrief which typically lasts 1.5-2 hours. The coach/consultant will review the 360 Degree Feedback draft report with the Chief Officer to discuss strengths, development needs, and any aspects of the feedback that may have been puzzling. The intended outcome of the meeting is a clear understanding on the part of the Chief Officer of the major themes and messages in the report and a sense of what are likely to be the most important development objectives. It is also an opportunity to suggest appropriate developmental strategies and resources.


Stage 5 360 Degree Leadership Performance Appraisal Report

A report summarising Performance Evaluation findings is prepared. The Chief Officer has an opportunity to provide comments on the draft report. These comments are taken into account in preparing the final version of the Performance Evaluation Report. The document is then circulated to a specific and limited readership that has been agreed upon beforehand by the Chief Officer and the Chair.

For further information contact CO3's Member Service Manager Suzanne. Call 028 9024 5356 or email suzanne@co3.bz