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Webinar: Annual Reporting; the benefits of the Trustees' Report

Webinar: Annual Reporting; the benefits of the Trustees' Report
Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 17:45 to 19:30
Webinar - Joining details will be issued to all who register in advance

Annual reporting supports charities in being open and accountable to the public by publishing their annual accounts and reports online. For instance in the 2017-18 year, 3,252 charity annual returns were submitted to the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (CCNI) under the annual reporting programme. Filing of these charity accounts led to £1.38billion of charity income being accounted for to the general public through the register, highlighting the magnitude of the Northern Ireland charity sector and its work.

A key element of the annual reporting process, the submission of an annual trustees’ report gives trustees an opportunity to stake their claim in an increasingly pressurised and changing world.  A high quality annual report provides insight and confidence into governance and communicates the link between income generated, objectives and achievements reached which ultimately demonstrate how the charity is meeting its public benefit. 

Annual reports are not just a statutory requirement, they provide an opportunity to weigh up the year, balance achievements with challenges, risks with reverses and ultimately to provide a clear vision for the future. 

This year has been one of change, the implementation of the new SORP, changes to fundraising regulation, GDPR and an increased focus on ethical practices on recruiting staff and volunteers.  This has meant additional work for many charities both in reporting and in operations, against a backdrop of funding uncertainty, funding cuts and the political inertia which has prevailed for the past 17 months.  In the midst of this change and uncertainty communicating the impact and difference that your charity is making is critical. 

The CEO of the CCNI will share their key annual reporting lessons learned to date, highlighting the benefits of the trustees’ report as a powerful tool to communicate the impact and difference of your charity.  In this digital age of easy access, stakeholders and future stakeholders can at a glance cast their judgement over the charity’s performance through the annual report. High quality reports, demonstrate sound financial management, strong leadership and governance and allows a charity to differentiate itself, prove its value, public benefit and impact on the world in which it operates.”