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CO3 launches ‘first of its kind’ accredited leadership development training course for Senior Managers


Chief Officers Third Sector (CO3) recently launched its ‘Leading Edge, Strengthening our Future’ accredited training programme. The first of its kind leadership development training course, it is specifically designed for Third Sector Senior Managers. It is aimed at developing and strengthening the leadership skills and capacity of Senior Managers that work within the Third Sector.

Maintaining Good Health in the Workplace - Thursday 4 September 2014

For many people, office work involves extended periods of time at their desk. For some, it can be all day.

Having healthy employees is a definite plus for any organisation. Healthy employees are more energetic, are sick less often, and are able to recover from illness faster.

There are a lot of health risks for sedentary workers. These risks are very real and include:

• heart attack
• diabetes
• stroke
• obesity
• back pain etc.